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Raffie Kalajian is the Area Sales Manager for Partners United Financial located in Pasadena, California. He was ranked Top 1% Nationwide by Mortgage Executive Magazine in 2012 and 2013.

Raffie was ranked #1 in sales for the organization in 2012 with over $150 million dollars in closed loans and ranked #46 nationwide.

A second-generation mortgage banker since 2002, Raffie's experience includes sales and product training, as well as first-time home-buyer education. He serves more than 200 real estate professionals and over 700 loyal homeowners. 

Raffie attended Cranbrook's college preparatory boarding school in Detroit, Michigan and went on to earn his business degree at the University of Southern California.


California Regional Office: 123 N. Lake Ave, Ste 102, Pasadena, CA 91101

Raffie did a fantastic job getting a new home loan for my son and his girlfriend. This is the 8th loan Raffie has obtained for our family and close friends. Underwriting requirements are tougher today, but Raffie and his team helped us meet all those challenges and got us a loan at the best possible rates. We are very happy!! Thank you, Raffie.
Raffie is the best in the mortgage business. His efficiency, communication skills, and knowledge of the loan process are unmatched. I recommend him to all of my clients and he goes the extra mile to make sure the loan is processed on time. He is also a great guy and cares about his clients even after the loan has been closed!
Hands down, the best you will find! Raffie walks you through the steps and helps your understanding along the way. This really made me feel very comfortable and put my mind instantly at ease. He works in your favor, so in the end you will be in a better financial situation to handle your new obligation. On a personal level, he is very easy to talk to, professional, always welcoming, friendly, and overall a top-notch person. Highly recommended!!!


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